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I know how frustrated it can be when you search and search and don’t know if the  Cape Town beach accommodation you found is really the beach accommodation you want.


Patio with view on the beach

You may not know the following about your potential Cape Town beach accommodation:

  1. How far is from the beach from your Cape Town accommodation?
  2. Is there a road between your beach house and the beach? We have many places in Cape Town where you are across the road from the beach.
  3. Is there a railway line between your beach house and the beach? In some Cape Town villages on the False Bay side the rail way line is right on the beach front. And I suppose you want to know that.
  4. You may not know Cape Town and want some advice on where to choose your Cape Town Beach Accommodation. Choosing a beach accommodation can be a night mare if you don’t know where you can get high-class – read expensive beach accommodation – and where you can get similar accommodation for half price.

Our intention is to share with you all necessary information about your Cape Town Beach Accommodation.


Camps Bay Beach (credit)

Where do you get lovely Cape Town Beach Accommodation? Let me take you along the major beach holiday areas in Cape Town. It will give you short overview of these areas. If you need more info please ask.

  1. Atlantic Seaboard South: Starts at the small Mouille Point beach area: Mouille Point is an affluent suburb of Cape Town, situated between the V&A Waterfront to the east, Green Point to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west. The suburb hugs the coastline, and consists primarily of high-end apartment blocks. It is a very small suburb, having only two major roads (Beach Road and Bay Road). It is also home to the Mouille Point promenade; a paved promenade on the coast that is used daily by thousands of Capetonians. Behind it lies the Green Point Common, where many playing fields and a golf course are situated.


    Mouille Point (credit)

  2. Sea Pointis the only sea-side suburb of Cape Town with significant high-rise development and this, along with other factors, has made it a very popular residential area, or for investing in first or second homes and apartments. As you go south along the Atlantic the holiday accommodation gets more expensive.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Selected For Their Beach Location

    Seapoint beach accommodation on beach road

  3. Then you get Bantry Bay – Bantry Bay is an affluent suburb of Cape Town situated on the slopes of Lion’s Head and overlooking a rocky coastline. Bantry Bay is known to be the most wind free area in Cape Town. Secluded & protected, the inhabitants of this exclusive area enjoy about 290 wind free days per year – a significant fact given Cape Town’s windy climate.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Bantry Bay

    Bantry Bay Beach Accommodation

  4. Cape Town Beach Accommodation: Clifton is an exclusive residential area and sort after holiday destination. At Clifton you’ll find some of the most expensive holiday homes in South Africa, with dwellings nestled on cliffs that have sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Clifton has 4 beaches which are often used destinations for both locals and tourists. The beaches, which are named from 1st to 4th, are separated by falls of granite boulders and have almost pure white granitic sand. The four beaches of Clifton are one of the few areas well protected from the notorious south-easterly wind, which has a great deal to do with its popularity with bathers and holidaymakers. Because of its location and exclusivity Clifton beach accommodation is expensive.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Clifton

    Luxury Clifton Beach Accommodation

  5. Camps Bay holiday villas: Camps Bay is one of the most affluent suburbs of Cape Town. In summer (December and January  it attracts many of foreign visitors as well as South Africans looking for a beach holiday. It is renowned for its white sandy beaches fringed by palm trees and has a trendy nightlife. This a place where you rub shoulders with the wealthy. And that’s why Camps Bay comes Camps Bay holiday villas. Yes you may find ordinary holiday homes as well but they are mostly huge and expensive. And most Camps Bay beach housesare across the street.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation camps bay

    Camps Bay Beach Accommodation

  6. Further south along the Atlantic you’ll find  Llandudno with no shops or commercial activities, and the suburb has some of expensive residential property. Llandudno Beach is one of the Cape’s most beautiful beaches, surrounded by large granite boulders and overlooked by mountains. In general the Llandudno beach holiday accommodation rates are a little less than in Camps Bay and Clifton.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Llandudno

    Llandudno Beach Accommodation

  7. Cape Town Beach Accommodation in Hout Bay with a mix of neighbourhoods from the very rich to the very poor. It lies in a valley on the Atlantic seaboard of the Cape Peninsula (take note that we have moved along south and are now in the peninsula). Houtbay is twenty kilometres south of the Central Business District of Cape Town. Hout Bay bay has a long whitesand beach, a popular attraction with tourists and locals (and their dogs) alike. And Hout Bay has one of the busiest harbours in the Western Cape with an established tuna, snoek and crayfish industry. The harbour is home to the Hout Bay Yacht Club and several restaurants. And you’ll find a few Hout Bay beach accommodation here.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Hout Bay

    Hout Bay Beach Sunset (credit)

  8. Further along the Atlantic and into the southern peninsula is Noord Hoek. Noordhoek is located below Chapman’s Peak on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, about thirty-five kilometres to the south of the city itself. It is best known for its picturesque shoreline and its long, wide, sandy beach, which stretches south to the neighbouring village of Kommetjie. It’s popular with people loving nature, the beach, horses and green living. Here’s some lovely self catering Noord Hoek beach accommodation. It’s close the historic naval town of Simon’s Town.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Noordhoe

    Noordhoek Beach Accommodation

  9. Beach accommodation in Kommetjie for the greatest Cape Town Beach accommodation: Kommetjie is a small village with a long white beach. Here some of South Africa’s famous surfers learnt the tricks of the trade. The area is a popular spot for surfing, since powerful waves from the Atlantic Ocean rise up over rocky reefs formed by hard sandstones of the Table Mountain Group. It lies about halfway down the west coast of the Cape Peninsula, at the southern end of the long wide beach that runs northwards towards Chapman’s Peak and Noordhoek. The village is situated around a small, natural and rocky inlet that resembles a basin. Wherever the bottom is rocky, the shallower waters are thick with giant kelp forests.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Kommetjie

    Kommetjie Beach Accommodation

  10. When nature and the beach is all you want then go for the rustic Scarborough. Scarborough is a small Cape Town beach village situated on the Cape Peninsula close to Kommetjie. This village was designated as a conservation village in April 1996, defined as “a residential area of limited extent, surrounded by a conserved natural landscape, committed to reverse past environmental damage and to avoid future environmental impacts.” If bling is not your thing then Scarborough as a Cape Town beach accommodation destination is recommended. And the Scarborough beach accommodation is not expensive when compared to Clifton and Camps Bay. It’s similar or less than Kommetjie beach accommodation.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Scarborough

    Scarborough Beach Accommodation (credit)

  11. We have come along the southern Atlantic, have moved into the Southern Peninsula and are now a few kilometers from Africa’s most south-western tip called Cape Point. Now we will turn North along False Bay towards Simon’s Town.
  12. Let’s talk about the Atlantic, Southern Peninsula, and False Bay. You have read about small Cape Town villages along the Atlantic and located in the Southern Peninsula. Now we are a few kilos away but on the False Bay side talking about villages also part of the Southern Peninsula. Have a look at the map and click on the blue markers for descriptions. The Atlantic’s waters are cold when compared to False Bay. And False Bay has spectacular sunrises where the Atlantic is dominated by sunsets.
  13. Simonstown beach accommodation: Simon’s Town sometimes spelled Simonstown, is a village and part of the larger Cape Town, South Africa. It is home to the South African Navy. It is located on the shores of False Bay, on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula. For more than two centuries it has been an important naval base and harbour (first for the Royal Navy and now the South African Navy). The town is named after Simon van der Stel, an early governor of the Cape Colony. Simonstown is relatively quiet when compared to Camps Bay. It’s not a party place. It has small lovely beaches, for beach weddings and romantic beach holidays.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation simonstown

    Simonstown Beach Accommodation

  14. The next village is Fish Hoek. As a coastal suburb of Cape Town, Fish Hoek is popular as a residence for commuters, retired people and holidaymakers alike. The traditional industries of ‘trek‘ fishing and angling coexist with the leisure pursuits of surfing, sailing and sunbathing. Fish Hoek beach is long and popular with families with kids. Behind the town is very affordable to cheap holiday accommodation. On the hills overlooking the beach are huge and expensive holiday accommodation. And along the beach front, with the railway line between are a few lovely Fish Hoek beach accommodation.
  15. Cape Town Beach Accommodation at the ever popular Kalk Bay: Kalk Bay is the opposite side of the bling coin. Kalk Bay lies between the ocean (False Bay) and sharply rising mountainous heights and still part of the Southern Peninsula). It a working harbour mixed with some of the best restaurants in Cape Town. Not many but they are popular. The quaint shops and restaurants pull tourist from far. With the railway line running next to the water’s edge few true Kalk Bay beach accommodation. Most are across the road and across the railway line. Kalk Bay is also home to the famous surf spot named “Kalk Bay Reef”. This is renowned for heavy barrels and the associated shallow reef. It is best surfed on a big south-easterly swell or a north-west wind. In smaller swells low tide makes for better barrels.
  16. Muizenberg beach accommodation:  Muizenberg is a beach-side suburb. It is situated where the shore of the Cape Peninsula curves round to the east on the False Bay coast. It is considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa. Historically, the village has several special features, including Het Posthuys (the Post House), Rhodes’ Cottage and the site of the Battle of Muizenberg. In general Muizenberg has some very affordable holiday accommodation for the down-to-earth kind of people. The arty kind, the surfer and the fun-loving type. No bling here. Most Muizenberg beach accommodation you’ll find across the road and across the railway line. At Surfer’s Corner and further along to Strandfontein (see map) there are beach homes across the road.

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Muizenberg

    Muizenberg Surfer’s Corner Beach (credit)

  17. Cape Town Beach Accommodation Atlantic Seaboard North: (See blue marker on the map for a general idea) This is the Blouberg, Milnerton, Melkbosstrand area. It’s a reasonably priced Cape Town beach area and about 30 mins from Cape Town central – depending on traffic.
  18. Milnerton is a suburb of Cape Town situated on the Atlantic Ocean 11 kilometres to the north of Cape Town city’s centre. The Milnerton area of Cape Town includes Cambridge Estate, Century City, Du Noon, Joe Slovo Park, Lagoon Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Royal Ascot, Sanddrift, Tygerhof and Woodbridge Island. One of the most identifiable features of Milnerton is its lagoon, very popular with holidaymakers seeking accommodation in Lagoon Beach Apartments Milnerton. (Map)
  19. Bloubergstrand beach accommodation: Bloubergstrand Cape Town along the shores of Table Bay , about 25 km to the north of Cape Town city centre. The beach at Bloubergstrand is a popular place for a classic view of Table Mountain across the bay. 6,9 km west of the coast at Bloubergstrand is Robben Island. Bloubergstrand has a long white sand beach on the Atlantic ocean, with a few rocky outcrops where black mussels are found. The water is cold due to the cold Benguela current but the beach is popular with surfers. The bay on the west side of Bloubergstrand, known as ‘Big Bay’ has become a very popular kitesurfing spot due to the constant trade winds bringing a 1-3m surf for a majority of the year. Big Bay beach is also well-known for the ease with which White Mussels ( as species of the family Donax) can be extracted from the sand by a process locally known as ‘jiving’. In general Bloubergstand beach accommodation is reasonably priced. And you’ll find a few lovely Bloubergstrand beach accommodation. (Map)

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation Blouberg Strand

    Bloubergstrand view on Table Mountain (credit)

  20. Melkbosstrand beach accommodation:  Melkbosstrand is a coastal village and beach located on the South West Coast of South Africa, 35 km north of Cape Town and just north of Bloubergstrand.  Melkbosstrand and its 7 km stretch of white sand beach is situated on the Atlantic coast with the Blouberg mountain to the east. The Melkbosstrand beach is popular with surfers. The village is surrounded by a Nature Conservation Area. Here you’ll find some value for money Melkbosstrand beach accommodation. (Map)

    Cape Town Beach Accommodation MelkbosStrand

    Melkbosstrand beach accommodation

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